CBC Airs “The Secret World of Gold” Documentary

Hot off the heels of a mysterious gold crash that still no one has an explanation for comes a documentary by one of the most respected directors of the trade in Brian McKenna. McKenna, who has made controversial documentaries in the past, explains that his latest documentary titled “The Secret World of Gold” this was one of his toughest undertakings to date. The Canadian director had no ulterior motives when starting the project exclaiming “I was just going to do a history piece, until I stumbled over a whistle-blower.”

Andrew Maguire, a long time precious metals trader and former employee of Goldman Sachs, has been a vocal whistle-blower against the manipulation by JP Morgan which has apparently even led to attempts at his life back in 2010. Another whistle-blower expected to appear in the film was a former JP Morgan employee, but that testimony seems to have been edited out of the final release. It’s interesting also to note that this whole project was suddenly scrapped by the BBC, despite having sunk in nearly $750,000 into the project. Rumor is that former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who’s on retainer at JP Morgan for $2 million a year, made a call and the project was subsequently killed by the BBC.

As the documentary that managed to make its way to the small screen, it hardly included anything that the gold community hadn’t heard about. The hour long documentary covers everything from secret gold trades and movements during the second World War, the theories surrounding the lack of gold at Fort Knox and in other supposed gold depositories for central banks, and also the paper gold market which has been manipulated for a long time.

For the uninformed, we highly recommend to check out this documentary as it provides a well researched primer on the core accusations brought forward by the gold community for years now. Those hoping that this will finally put a halt to everything are naive to underestimate just how far this conspiracy theory expands and the implications of it all coming to an abrupt end. You can watch “The Secret World of Gold” online preview at this link here.

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