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Bitcoin Is Outshining Gold

Bitcoin has gotten a lot of publicity over the past month thanks to its parabolic rise in price, going from $30 per Bitcoin to as high as $78 – a 150% climb at a time when most investments are struggling to outpace inflation. If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin by now, think of it as

Gold: Texas Wants To Hold ‘em

A new piece of legislation is being proposed in Texas that could be a game changer for how gold is owned in the United States. The bill, if passed, would allow large pension funds in the state to invest in physical gold, instead of paper gold contracts that it is currently limited to. An even

Switzerland Wants Its Gold Back

A nationwide vote in Switzerland is expected following over 100,000 signatures collected by the countries rightwing group, Swiss People’s Party. Switzerland has been rapidly unloading its gold reserves ever since it left the gold standard, but this latest movement calls not only for the country to stop selling further gold but for the gold that

Argentina Rushes To Gold

Argentinians are buying more gold than ever, in light of the recent economic crisis that has pushed the economy to the brink of collapse. Argentina has tried to print its way out of trouble but the amount of pesos has increased by 38% in the past year, and that has pushed the Argentine inflation rate

Jim Sinclair: Gold Was Shorted On Premise That QE Bailouts Would Be Replaced By Depositor Bail-Ins

Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair is one of the most experienced individuals in the industry and has a solid enough track record that warrants attention whenever he speaks. Sinclair has been outspoken in recent weeks that a bottom for gold had formed, and that the price of gold would skyrocket considerably in the coming months.

Cyprus Bailout Highlights Purpose of Gold

Just when they had you believing that the eurozone crisis was finally under control, a stark reminder comes out of Cyprus that we are nowhere near out of one of the most severe financial turmoils of our time. Cyprus is now the latest Southern European nation to face bankruptcy, after its banks lost 4.5 billion