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Gold ETF Holdings Diminishing

Gold ETP (exchange traded product) are in the midst of a large shakeup in history, as reported holdings are diminishing at a tremendous pace. A total of 174 tons were taken off in April signaling the biggest drop ever in these financial products’ brief history. Gold ETPs now hold 2275 tons, a level that puts

Dubai Gold Bar Premiums Up 2000%

As the dust settles from the historic gold crash of mid-April, reports keep surfacing about the extreme demand witnessed in the physical markets. As we reported before, Dubai is trying to become a global gold hub, and already handles 20% of the physical gold trade per year. Charged with the duty of quenching the insatiable

Critical Week Ahead For Gold

April has been a real roller-coaster of a month for precious metals, first falling by the steepest amount in 30 years followed by a quick rise that was the biggest weekly rise in 1.5 years. As we stand, the market in gold could not be further fragmented as a divergence in opinion exists that seemingly

Gold Price Surges Most In 1.5 Years

While last week’s gold plunge made history for being the biggest drop in gold price in nearly 3 decades, strong demand in the physical markets as we have reported all week has taken the paper price of gold back up to respectable levels. While still trading around 12% lower than it did at the beginning

US, UK Join In On Gold Buying Frenzy

We’ve been reporting over the last couple of days about the enormous level of demand for physical gold coming out of countries in the East including China, India, Japan, and also in the MIddle East in Turkey and UAE. It seems the buying frenzy is not limited to the Eastern hemisphere as reports are emerging

Indian Gold Premiums At Record Levels

We reported yesterday of a black market forming in Turkey with outrageous premiums forming for gold coins. India is experiencing a similar gold rush as prices roam around multi-year lows. Last week, Bombay Bullion Association Predisent Mohit Khamboj predicted 4 tons in sales on Tuesday and Wednesday and expected upwards of 4 tons on Thursday,

Gold Black Market Forming In Turkey

While China and India are often mentioned as the most fervent gold bulls in the world, Turkey surpasses both of those nations in terms of demand per capita. As mentioned previously, Turkish gold coins are by far the most popular in the world over the past decade, backed by both investment uses as its widespread

CBC Airs “The Secret World of Gold” Documentary

Hot off the heels of a mysterious gold crash that still no one has an explanation for comes a documentary by one of the most respected directors of the trade in Brian McKenna. McKenna, who has made controversial documentaries in the past, explains that his latest documentary titled “The Secret World of Gold” this was

Paper Gold vs Physical Gold Battle Heats Up

Paper gold has long been heavily criticized by gold bugs, who view the gold ETFs and futures contracts as not representative of the real thing. The reasons for these claims are well documented and hold validity. The gold crash of the past couple days has opened up quite a large disconnect between the paper gold

Why Did Gold Have Its Biggest Drop In 30 Years?

Gold’s drop from $1562 last Friday all the way to $1321 earlier today is one of the steepest drops in recorded history. Yet pick up a newspaper or turn on the news, and you won’t get one solid answer as to the main question on everybody’s mind: “why exactly did this happen?”. Let us analyze