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Gold ETFs: A Complete Guide

Gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are one of the easiest ways to own gold, but knowing exactly what they are, how they operate, and the risks associated are critical if one is planning to invest in them.

Factors Affecting The Gold Price

It's tough to know what the exact price of gold should be, but there are many factors that we can look at to determine which direction it should be heading. We analyze all the factors as well as the specific data points to look out for if you want to conduct your own analysis.

Types of Gold

Confused about all the different types of gold and what they each really mean? It's really not that complicated so have a look at our list of gold types which include the different types of gold alloys as well as the different forms of gold bullion and scrap gold that exist in the market today.

Modern Uses of Gold

Ever wondered what gold is actually used for today? Modern uses of gold ranging from dentistry to aerospace are covered along with detailed explanations to make sense of it all. Despite a myriad of different uses, 90% of all gold use today is for two specific purposes, find out what they are.